Improvements to Mac OS Upgrades

We’ve made some changes to how Robot Cloud upgrades the Mac OS Previously we ran OS upgrades by downloading and installing the upgrade in one pass. Although a Local Distribution Point (LDP) can be used, more people then ever are traveling and working from home where they don't have access to a LDP. In addition, they may have slow or unstable Internet access when not in the office. Even within a local network more people rely on WiFi and we've seen poor wireless connections that continually drop the packets and cause delays — or outright failure — hours after initiating an OS upgrade. All of these potential problems can result in a poor experience for the end-user — and who gets the blame when technology doesn't work? You do!

We have good news! Our new and improved Robot Cloud upgrade process ensures that OS upgrades are only available after the installer package has been fully downloaded and cached to the Mac. The key difference is we are caching rather then providing a direct download. One of the key benefits to caching is that the download can get interrupted — due to sleep, shut down or a poor network connection — and it will always resume without issue. The result is  a much better end-user experience.

Self Service will only show the OS Upgrade as an available install option after the installer package has been cached to the Mac.  (Of course you still have the option to initiate the install via the Command Line or upon a logout trigger, if you prefer.)

We believe this new process will ensure a smooth user experience and increase the efficiency of Robot Cloud OS Upgrades! Please reach out to us with any questions or suggestions — or to request we make OS upgrades available to your customers!