New Feature: Free Up Space!

Robot Cloud now offers a Self Service Action to assists users with identifying areas of opportunity for deletion and clean-up! The Action scans each folder inside their Home folder and if the size of the folder is over 1GB it's listed in the report. More specifically, the Action will check Apple Mail, Entourage 2008 and Outlook 2011 sizes so the user can see exactly how much email they have in each of these applications. If more than one Entourage 2008 or Outlook 2011 identity is found, then an additional note detailing the location of the duplicates is added.

Important note: This Action does not delete any files; it only calculates directory sizes and provides a report.

When this Action is run through the command line or ARD, the execution is completely silent and a ticket is automatically generated with the report results. This method is ideal if you want to scan a workstation before an email or new workstation migration.

In Self Service the Action looks like this:


And the results look like something like this:


Try this on your own Mac contact us and if you have any questions or suggestions for improvement!