Set Management Details Through Self Service!

You can now set the building and department of a newly enrolled Mac using Self Service! Here’s how it works:

  1. Enroll a Mac into Robot Cloud.
  2. Launch Self Service and run the “Set Management” policy.
  3. The policy will perform the following actions:
    1. Gathers the public IP of the Mac.
    2. Compare the public IP to all current network segments in Robot Cloud.
    3. If a match is found:
      1. Set building name.
      2. If no match, then prompt the user to type in a building.
    4. If a match is not found, prompt the user to type in a building.
  4. Prompt the user to select Inventory and Alerting, Pro Support or Robot Cloud.
  5. If the building was:
    1. Automatically determined, set the building and department in Robot Cloud and reload Self Service.
    2. Not automatically determined, then inform the user that information was sent to Robot Cloud for assignment.

As long as we have a network segment and the name of that segment matches the building, the information will be set and whoever is performing the setup can move forward.

Please note, there are no plans to allow users to select a list of buildings or present a list of partial matches because that would reduce the security of the system and privacy of our clients.