Reset Adobe Preferences

Robot Cloud can now reset the preferences for Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign or Adobe Photoshop running CS5 and later.  Check out the video.


Where is it?
In Self Service > Troubleshooting > Reset Adobe Preferences.

Who can see it?
Any Mac enrolled in Robot Cloud Actions running Adobe CS5 and later.

What does it do?
The Action will prompt the user to select Adobe Illustrator, InDesign or Photoshop. If the app they select is running, it will ask them to quit that application. If the Action sees that the target app is not open, for the currently logged in user it will:

  1. Remove all Application Support files for the target app.
  2. Remove all Preferences for the target app.
  3. Remove all Caches for the target app.
  4. Flush the user plist cache.

I thought the keyboard commands to reset preferences were easy. Why should I use this?
As a troubleshooting step it is often much easier to ask a user to click a button in Self Service than it is to walk them through holding down certain keys and launching the app. Also, with Self Service, we get a log of when it was run instead of trusting it was done correctly. Finally, the keyboard commands are NOT all the same for each app and each version of the app, so unless you want to memorize all that jazz, use this instead.