Mac Name Change? Update LogMeIn!

Robot Cloud now monitors for Mac name or Serial Number changes and updates the device name in LogMeIn to match. NOTE: This feature requires the LogMeIn Remote Access add-on.


Every 15 minutes a Mac enrolled with Robot Cloud is checked to see if there has been a Mac name or serial number change. If a change is detected, a notification is sent to the technical contact detailing the current Mac name and Serial Number along with the previous Mac name and Serial Number. Plus, LogMeIn is automatically reinstalled (limited to once per day) to update the name in the LogMeIn admin console.

Why does this exist?

LogMeIn does not auto-update Mac name changes. Up to this point we've had to manually sort LogMeIn Macs by hunting down data in Robot Cloud.  The goal is to increase efficiency by ensuring Robot Cloud / Dashboard / LogMeIn names all match (down to a 15 min window) and to reduce the manual cleanup work to a single change that is notified by an alert.

How do I use it?

Like so many of Robot Cloud awesome automated Actions, no work on your part is required to enable or manage this feature. If you install LogMeIn as part of Robot Cloud, then this feature simply works.