Auto-Update CrashPlan Mac Names

One of our Support Desk challenges has been keeping the CrashPlan Admin Console up-to-date with name changes on the Mac.

We never enjoy performing manual work that can be automated! Robot Cloud now has the ability to update the CrashPlan Admin Console when the name of a Mac changes. This automation takes the place of manually changing the computer name in the CrashPlan settings. Robot Cloud uses the CrashPlan API to directly update the name if the console name does not match the Mac name. 

How often will this new feature run?

  • Automated: The automation to check the name of the Mac will run weekly to update the CrashPlan console for any Mac name differences.
  • Manual: Self Service > Backup > Update CrashPlan Name

What Macs will run this new feature?

Currently the scope is only for Forget Computers Macs running CrashPlan Business or Enterprise (both on-premise and cloud). Macs running CrashPlan Free/Individual/Family will not have their information updated because there is no central API access to accomplish this.

Robot Cloud clients, please contact us to start using this new automation. We will need an admin username and password for your CrashPlan console to negotiate with the API.