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Topics include Apple technology, security, communication and more!

A Few Things Right: Insights from Live and Simulated Incident Response
Chad Calease presents at Circle City Con in Indianapolis, on why it's time to shift our focus beyond the concepts of compliance, defense, governance, and prevention, to more emphasis on strategic response to incidents. This talk offers real stories of failure and practical, quick-win lessons on how to be prepared to respond swiftly, accurately, and confidently when incidents occur. Because they will occur. Doing a few, important things well means opening our hearts and minds to a new way of thinking and learning about each other and what it means to be prepared for a crisis.

X World, Australia

Check out these two recordings from X World, in Sydney Australia. Ben Greiner, President of Forget Computers, presents an informative and compelling talk on communication and delivers a 7-minute lightning talk on how to automate with checklists. 

2018 - Video Series


2017 - Video Series


A few highlights from our inaugural video:


A few highlights:

Security & Privacy Series

Learn what it takes to protect yourself, your family, and your business in today's digital world. This is a four part series you'll want to watch again and again and share with your family!


Becoming aware of security threats is an important foundation for everyone. We address what security threats look like, where they come from and how to avoid becoming a victim.



What are best practices for defining and managing your passwords? Get up-to-date on industry standards and the power and convenience of password managers, specifically Apple's Keychain and 1Password. Plus, an introduction to two-factor authentication.


Here we dive deep into our favorite password manager,  AgileBits' 1Password app for Mac and iOS.


In this final video in our Security & Privacy Series we discuss strategies for reducing your exposure to risk and improving security when working in a team environment. 

MODERN IT for macOS & iOS

Apple devices may be relatively fresh in the enterprise, but they are 100% capable of playing in a Windows world! Throw away preconceptions and learn how modern IT manages macOS and iOS.

Active Directory

Native Deployment

Mac Security

Binding Macs to Active Directory has been possible for years, but what are the benefits gained from this practice? In this talk we openly challenge old-school Windows habits. Concepts like AD Binding and GPOs will be put on trial and a much more robust solution is presented as the solution for Windows admins who want to successfully “Cross the Chasm” into the Mac Admin world.

If you're still maintaining images (even just one) to manage your Macs, STOP and watch this presentation to discover a better way. We discuss using native deployment tools to layer security, applications and ongoing changes with ease.

When it comes to securing Macs, we see a lot of outdated practices in use — sometimes, they are completely ignored. In these sessions we share how modern IT teams can meet security and compliance requirements on the Mac. Also listen to this Audio recording (22 min).


We've been building and fine tuning Robot Cloud since 2007. The result is a very easy to use solution, with extremely complex underpinnings. Watch these videos to learn how to maximize the use of your Robot!


Self Service


SupportMenu is a helpful menu bar item for end-users & support staff alike. We'll discuss how to leverage and customize SupportMenu to create a fantastic support experience.

Self Service is an application that allows anyone to easily make changes to their own Mac.

Learn how to take full advantage of all the features presented in Dashboard, the most elegant way to stay on top of your Mac and iOS devices.


Master Your Robot

Video Series

In this series we review how Robot Cloud works for you, talk about newly developed Actions, and share ideas for future customizations.