Because online threats exist, it's in everyone's best interest to minimize risk — with a security plan.




No worries, we have a small business security program
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Apple Security

At Forget Computers, we work with many large organizations who do an excellent job of reducing their risk of security attacks. We also work with many small businesses who need to do better. Small businesses don't have the benefit of working with an information security team, and nearly all security protection programs don't take into account the reduced needs and capabilities of small businesses.

Knowing how important security is to all of us, Forget Computers set out to bridge the gap between Enterprise-grade security programs and the needs of small businesses. In that effort, we have selected Wimzkl as our security partner to provide a suite of security solutions focused on the needs of small businesses using Apple technology.


Special Benefits for Forget Computers Clients
Forget Computers and Wimzkl work closely on this security solution, offering our clients receive special benefits that save time and money.

  1. We know our client's infrastructure. This makes it easier than a typical small business for us to hand-off accurate technical information to Wimzkl.
  2. We use Enterprise-grade Security tools to manage Apple devices. This makes it easier for us to implement the results of Wimzkl's Cyber Resilience Playbook.


Great! Our automated tools can enhance your endpoint device management policies. Contact us to get started.

Apple Security

At Forget Computers we deliver automated activation, enforcement and auditing of Security & Privacy features on Apple devices. If you're concerned about these subjects in your organization, please contact us for assistance.

Does your organization provide these basic Security & Privacy features on macOS and iOS?

  • Automated patching of applications and macOS.
  • AntiVirus installation and definition updates.
  • Malware detection and removal.
  • OS X Firewall activation.
  • Password required after sleep or screen saver activation. 
  • Password required at Login (Automatic login, disabled).
  • Custom lock message.
  • FileVault Encryption turned on … with decryption key stored securely!
  • Rootkit Hunter deployment.
  • Alerts to Admin account changes.
  • Standardized Admin Account creation.
  • Password requirements and scheduled changes.
  • Software restrictions.
  • Managed Gatekeeper policies.
  • Certificates installations.
  • Alerts to SSH attempts.

Need to secure even more?
Check out our Robot Cloud Security Standard powered by Jamf Pro. See also Jamf's Security Control Objectives Checklist for additional examples of what we can implement in your office.

Need to meet regulatory requirements?
HIPAA, SOX, PCI and FISMA are just a few areas where we can help your Apple devices — and your business — remain secure and compliant.

Autonomous Endpoint Protection

Here's a nice (edited) summary from nsslabs.com on what Advanced (or Autonomous) Endpoint Protection (AEP) is and why we all need it — even on the Apple platform.


Attackers have demonstrated their ability to bypass the protection offered by conventional and perimeter security solutions such as next generation firewalls, network intrusion prevention systems, web application firewalls, and breach detection systems. Threats are still making it through to endusers. Endpoint protection products are the last line of defense. An AEP product can successfully detect, prevent, and continuously monitor threats. Through its continuous monitoring of file systems, communication and even processes, the AEP product provides contextual awareness, and end-to-end visibility into threats for the enduser/enterprise, which allows users to take action against threats in real time. Continuous monitoring is performed through constant analysis of suspicious code, identification of communications with malicious hosts, detection of post-infection movements within networks, and secondary compromises that occur within an enterprise network. AEP products are capable of providing enhanced detection of malware, exploits, unknown threats, and several classes of blended threats. 


Why we chose SentinelOne for Autonomous Endpoint Protection on the Mac...

Contact us if you're not yet running SentinelOne on your Mac.


Cybersecurity for Small Business

Click the SoundCloud link to join Ben Greiner and Chad Calease as they discuss cyber security and how small businesses are "low-hanging fruit" to cyber criminals looking to access more valuable targets. This scenario is why larger clients are demanding better awareness training and information security practices from their smaller, third-party service providers. This preparedness is becoming a differentiator as smaller agencies compete to retain current clients and win new ones

The Cyber Resilience Playbook is designed for small businesses and requires only 15 hours of your team’s time to start protecting your bottom line. Get started today!


You have tens or hundreds of mobile Macs in the field and all users are running with Admin account credentials. Robot Cloud can automate the process of turning Admin Accounts into Standard Accounts to protect users and company data from security compromises.

You have tens or hundreds of mobile Macs in the field and no directory service. Robot Cloud can enforce password changes on a scheduled basis, meet your password requirements and update the Keychain so users, IT security and your customers are happy.

You have tens or hundreds of mobile Macs in the field and they are all walking around with unencrypted data. Robot Cloud can enable FileVault to encrypt the hard drive and store the decryption key in case you need it in the future.


In addition to the automated security tools built-in to Robot Cloud, Forget Computers has partnered with Wimzkl to provide …

  • Complete Security Audits for Mac based organizations.

  • Yearly Security Reviews (following a Security Audit).

  • Ongoing reviews of Master Service Agreements (MSAs) as they relate to security.

  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security solutions.

  • Network Security, including penetration testing.

  • Security Policies to guide your office into the future!