Choose The Features
To Build Your Robot

Below is a list of all the wonderful features built-in to Robot Cloud for Mac. Choose the Robot that best fits your needs today. Mix-and-match levels and upgrade as needed in the future.


Because we use Robot Cloud to manage several thousand of our own Macs, the feature set and functionality is always evolving. Contact us if you'd like to see a feature added to Robot Cloud! 

Check out the Chart Notes at the bottom of this page to fully understand the great technical details and hidden features of Robot Cloud. Also visit the Robot Cloud Operations Manual.


Core Features

A great collection of features we've built based on our own experience in supporting Macs since 1998.

INVENTORY - Replace your outdated spreadsheets with always up-to-date and accurate information.

BATTERY STATUS - Helpful for all the mobile users on your team.

MEMORY - Know when memory becomes an issue, and what options are available. 

STORAGE - Get alerted to storage problems before it's too late.

WORKLOAD AND HISTORY - Real data to help you decided when a new Mac will be beneficial.

BACKUP STATUS - Everyone needs a working backup!

SECURITY, COMPLIANCE AND PRIVACY - This is a growing concern for teams of all sizes. 

APPS - Custom apps to enhance and secure the end user experience!

APPLE INTEGRATIONS - Seamless integration with Apple programs saves device deployment time, makes it easy to distribute apps and books, and ensures your records are absolutely accurate.


Actions have a special place in our heart because they are so incredibly powerful.

TO DISABLE - Sometimes "helpful" software can be a distraction or cause a conflict. Solution: Disable!

TO ENABLE - Shortcuts to enable backup and remote tools most often required for the IT Team to provide assistance.


SPECIAL ACTIONS - To help reduce the number of calls to the Support Desk, we've built Special Actions to turn the repeatable and the mundane into automated bliss!

SOFTWARE - Automate the installation, removal, patching and blocking of your team's software. (See full Software List.)




Up to 25 Devices
Home & SOHO

& Alerts

Unlimited Devices
SMB & Enterprise


Unlimited Devices
SMB & Enterprise

Serial Number
OS Version
IP Address
MAC Address
AppleCare Status some text some text some text
Purchase Date
Installed Apps
Custom Groups Create Custom Groups to sort and view devices per team, department, client or location.
Health some text some text
Cycles some text some text
Maximum Allowed
Available Slots
Installed some text some text
POST Errors some text some text
Memory Errors some text some text
All Drive Names
Percentage Full
Maximum Capacity
Disk Over 90% Full
Disk Over 95% Full some text some text
SMART Failure some text some text
Boot HD Verification some text some text
Clone Health some text some text
RAID Status some text some text
I/O Errors some text some text
Missing Mac some text some text
Avg. Over 30 Days some text some text
Paging some text some text
CPU Load Avg. some text some text
Uptime some text some text
Kernel Panic some text some text
Time Machine
Carbon Copy Cloner some text some text
FileVault Status
Malware some text some text
Admin Monitoring some text some text
SSH Monitoring some text some text
FileVault Activation some text
FileVault Key Storage some text
AD Binding some text
Account Creation some text
Password Changes some text
Rootkit Scanner Rootkit scanner adds an extra security layer to your Macs by scanning for rootkits, backdoors and local exploits. It's based on Action checkmark
Screen Saver some text
SupportMenu some text some text some text
Self Service Self Service is a wonderful tool that allows Robot Cloud customers to easily install software, run maintenance or perform other tasks — all without requiring an Admin password! Action checkmark
Actions! some text
Apple Integrations
DEP some text some text
GSX Robot Cloud talks with Apple's Global Service Exchange (GSX) to get purchase and warranty (AppleCare) information directly — and automatically — from Apple. some text some text
VPP some text


Up to 25 Devices

$99 per year!

Great for homes and
small businesses 

& Alerts

Unlimited Devices

$10 per device
per month

$50 startup and monthly minimum


Unlimited Devices

$20 per device
per month

$100 monthly





Actions are a great way to automate, and consistently execute on, all the mundane and time consuming tasks that some people (not us!) still perform manually. 

CrashPlan Action checkmark Action checkmark Action checkmark
Adobe Updates Action checkmark
Apple Updates Action checkmark
Microsoft Updates Action checkmark
Font Book Action checkmark
CrashPlan Action checkmark
Remote Login Action checkmark
Remote Management Action checkmark
Call The Doctor Experiencing issues with your Mac? Unsure where to start troubleshooting? Call The Doctor and the following troubleshooting Actions will be performed: Action checkmark
Clear Font Caches Action checkmark
Clear System Caches Action checkmark
Clear User Caches Action checkmark
Diagnostic Logs Action checkmark
Direct Ticketing Users who are logged into SupportMenu with their Zendesk credentials will automatically receive alerts (as new Zendesk tickets) with no Support Desk involvement. Action checkmark
Fix Directory Errors Action checkmark
Free Up Space! Action checkmark
Internet Speed Test Action checkmark
Rebuild Outlook Action checkmark
Rebuild Spotlight Action checkmark
Repair Permissions Action checkmark
Reset LaunchServices LaunchServices uses several files to associate documents with applications and vice versa. If these files become corrupted, the following problems can occur: Action checkmark
Update Inventory Action checkmark
Bender Action checkmark
Boot Disk IDer Action checkmark
Font Standard This policy will collect all of the non-essential OS X and user fonts and organize them in a folder located in Users > Shared so that they may be added to a third-party font manager. Action checkmark
RAM Release Action checkmark
SMART Status Action checkmark
Workstation Audit As a Mac is upgraded or migrated, files from old installers and applications can migrate and cause performance and stability issues. The Workstation Audit scans common areas of trouble and presents a listing for review by a qualified engineer: Once complete, a report is generated with the option to either save to the Desktop or create a support ticket for additional assistance. Action checkmark
SOFTWARE (Details)
Install Action checkmark
Remove Action checkmark
Patch Action checkmark
Block Action checkmark


Unlimited Devices

$20 per device
per month

$100 monthly


A checkmark denotes if a feature is supported. In addition, many features have hidden attributes that execute in the background. This allows Robot Cloud to deliver a fantastic experience for both IT Teams and End Users. We've worked hard to make Robot Cloud perform out-of-the-box, with little-to-no manual configuration. It's so sweet. You'll love it!

The Dashboard icon means the feature is displayed in the Robot Cloud Dashboard.

The Lighting Bolt signals that this feature 
is actionable. Most Actions are automated 
and available upon demand via Self Service
Command Line or scheduled triggers (login, logout, restart, or date and time).

Web Link, (in place of the checkmark), means the feature is only one click away.

Email Alerts are sent to the email address designated to collect all alerts. This can be Zendesk or your own ticketing system.
In the Special Actions area this icon means a ticket can be created by the user when they run the Action!

End User Alerts means SupportMenu can 
deliver alerts directly to the inbox of the 
affected user. This feature requires a 
account — starting at only $12 per year.
This features will save your Support Desk countless hours of manual sorting.