With a threat landscape that continues to evolve, protecting your business from loss requires intention, time, research, and expertise. We minimize and even eliminate preventable risks to your business in partnership with your existing IT or with our own, trusted experts and tools designed specifically to close gaps through ongoing support, including:



Our offering takes security a step further with the Cyber Resilience Diagnostic, a fast, 4-step process that determines what your business needs and what it doesn’t. Take the first step to ensure you’re strategically prepared to respond to a broad spectrum of unplanned events, including cyber attacks, that will otherwise compromise your productivity, reputation, and bottom line.

Prevention, governance, and compliance are important, but we’ve had enough experience to know that, even when done well, these don’t offer organizations the incident-response know-how required when the focus needs to be on getting back to work as quickly as possible after an attack.

The Forget Computers Cyber Resilience Diagnostic determines where you are on a security maturity continuum. We can meet and support you at any stage, from just getting started, to establishing your resilience, to helping sustain your organization’s overall resilience long-term.





The Cyber Resilience Diagnostic quickly identifies, defines, and prioritizes your organization’s owned risk.

How long does it take?
40-60 hours, depending on your organization’s complexity.

What does Step 1 achieve?
This step delivers 4 key outcomes:

  1. Cyber Resilience Team: We’ll help you create your own Cyber Resilience Team by identifying key allies, stakeholders, and subject matter experts.

  2. Cyber Resilience Blueprint: A concrete, step-by-step blueprint used to design your Cyber Resilience Strategy that quickly eliminates your preventable risks.

  3. Information Security Policy Set: A complete set of policies mapped to your prioritized risks, customized for your organization’s unique requirements, industry, and culture.

  4. Awareness Training: Fast and fresh presentations that introduce the Information Security Policy Set and Cyber Resilience Strategy to your team.


We work with your own in-house IT or with our own team of trusted experts to implement the overall Cyber Resilience Strategy.

How long does Step 2 take?
Typically  6-10 weeks, depending on your organization’s complexity.

What does Step 2 achieve?

Demonstrable to Your Clients: We deliver a “1-pager” you can share with clients, partners, and vendors, illustrating your proactive approach to security. 

Security Policy Set: We’ll review your policies for relevance, uncover gaps, and ensure your team is using your technology responsibly.

Advanced Endpoint Security: Next-generation protection against more sophisticated attacks.

Security-Hardened Configurations: There’s no single or perfect solution, so we use a diversified approach to continuously improve your security using a defense-in-depth strategy with many layers to discourage criminals from making you a target.

Incident Response and Disaster Recovery Plans: We help save your time, money, and stress through annual reviews of these plans that ensure you’re prepared to respond confidently, strategically and accurately when incidents happen.


To ensure your effort maintains its value for your organization long-term, we create a sustainability plan and an annual calendar of tasks, which includes these and more:

Annual Security Assessment (1 x per year) We’ll meet once a year to measure and revisit the overall strategy, including policies and procedures, to make sure we’re continuing to adapt to changing data protection and privacy laws, an ever-evolving risk and threat landscape, and your organization’s needs, growth, and continued success. 

Security Awareness Training: We keep your team sharp 3-4 x per year by keeping them informed and reducing their likelihood of falling victim to email, phone, and in-person scams that would otherwise compromise your organization.

Liability Review: We collaborate with your insurance and legal teams to review your relevant cyber and criminal policy endorsements to ensure we, as your security provider, and you, as a company, are fulfilling the necessary requirements to keep your liability to an absolute minimum. 

Proactive Approach to Security: We coordinate periodic incident response exercises to achieve better communication, expectations, and recognition of the value of the work you’re doing behind-the-scenes to protect your data, productivity, reputation, and bottom line, and that of your clients’, too.


Cyber Resilience for Small Business

Click the SoundCloud link to join Ben Greiner and Chad Calease as they discuss cyber security and how small businesses are "low-hanging fruit" to cyber criminals looking to access more valuable targets. This scenario is why larger clients are demanding better awareness training and information security practices from their smaller, third-party service providers. This preparedness is becoming a differentiator as smaller agencies compete to retain current clients and win new ones.

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