Choose Positive

Assume positive intent from partners, teammates and vendors. Our industry carries negative baggage and stress. It’s in our best interest to enforce nothing but a positive attitude and calmness.

Build Trust

Partners put a lot of trust in our team. We must work to repeatedly prove and earn their trust. Always be asking, how can we help? Never turn a partner away.

Communicate Clearly

Communication requires ongoing effort. We must continually work to be clear, transparent, and helpful in all our communications.

Think Efficient

Efficient solutions and delivery methods are often 
easier to understand, easier to communicate and 
easier to support.


We never stop learning.

Our team is certified to help your team. Remaining up-to-date and educated on the latest in technology requires a significant investment in time and money. We make this investment to provide the best value to our clients.

And more …

  • Apple Certified Support Professional

  • Apple Certified Technical Coordinator

  • Apple Certified Help Desk Specialist

  • Mobile Technology Competency

  • Apple Certified Associate - Mac Integration

  • Certified Casper Administrator

  • Certified JSS Administrator

  • Certified Casper Suite Integrator

  • Certified iOS Integrator

  • CompTIA Network+

  • CompTIA Security+

  • CrashPlan PRO Agent

  • Microsoft Office Accreditation, Support Professional for Mac.

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Our ongoing education includes delivering our presentations, services and products. We also enjoy sharing our innovative experiences through speaking, writing and interviews.


Please contact us if you need an experienced opinion on the topics of securing, managing or supporting Apple devices — and the people who use them!




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Contact us if you’re interested in having Forget Computers speak at your event, or join us for a webinar. We're experts on the topics of securing, managing and supporting Apple devices — and the people who use them!



In 2015 we attended the following conferences to keep our knowledge sharp and to learn from our peers:

JAMF Nation User Conference
Minneapolis, MN

Gothenburg, Sweden

MacAdmins Conference at Penn State
State College, PA

MacTech Pro Event
Chicago, IL


Ben Greiner high-fives the JNUC audience during his presentation.

Ben Greiner high-fives the JNUC audience during his presentation.

Integrating & Automating Your Help Desk Ticketing
JNUC 2015, Minneapolis
October 15, 2015

Anyone who manages a Help Desk and is motivated to improve the efficiency of their Help Desk should attend this presentation. During this session, we will discuss how Forget Computers, Developers of RobotCloud, use features within the Casper Suite to deliver intelligent, automated alerts directly into their Help Desk, and how this augmented approach benefits IT and end users alike. Forget Computers uses Zendesk, but the concepts can be applied to any established ticketing system with an Application Program Interface (API).


Chad Nielsen fires-up the JNUC crowd with Mac native management techniques.

Chad Nielsen fires-up the JNUC crowd with Mac native management techniques.

Moving from Traditional Windows Habits to Advanced Techniques for Modern IT
JNUC 2015, Minneapolis
October 13, 2015

In this talk we’ll openly challenge old school Windows habits that are often used without question to manage Macs. Concepts like AD Binding and GPOs will be put on trial and a much more robust solution that involves the Casper Suite will be presented as the solution for Windows admins who want to successfully “Cross the Chasm” into the Mac Admin world. Target Audience: Enterprise IT Admins, or anyone still using Windows Group Objects to manage Macs.



In 2014 we attended the following events to keep our knowledge sharp and to learn from our peers:

JAMF Nation User Conference
Minneapolis, MN

Gothenburg, Sweden

MacIT Conference
San Francisco, CA

MacTech Bootcamp III
Chicago, IL

MacTech Pre-Conference Security Workshop
Los Angeles, CA

MacTech Conference
Los Angeles, CA

Security: Keeping Them Out.
MacTech Bootcamp III: Chicago
July 23, 2014, Speaker and Sessions Chair

With the significant increase in cyber threats - particularly in the SMB and mid-market size companies, an understanding of systems security as well as the relevant threat is becoming increasingly essential in the marketplace. With the belief that "OS X is inherently secure," it is our responsibility to ensure that our network and operations are as secure as anticipated. With a selection of core technologies, we can radically decrease the asymmetric threat.


Automating the Human Element of IT
MacIT, San Francisco
March 28, 2014

IT configuration and management works best when computer automation is involved. However, we can’t ignore the human element when delivering IT services. Automation allows IT teams to consistently deliver quality service at a fast pace with few mistakes. In the complex world of IT, automating the human element may sound impossible (and boring), however it’s completely possible (and really exciting)! In this session, Ben Greiner will present how he leads a team of Mac and iOS experts with various expertise, to consistently deliver quality service across a variety of clients. Learn to improve your delivery process. Learn how to work faster and smarter with fewer mistakes. Learn how to streamline training and leverage less experienced team members on complex projects. Walk away with a whole new perspective on the world as you wonder aloud, “How did I even got out of bed this morning without a checklist?”


MacIT Special Edition Meet-up @ New Relic
Macbrained Event, Expert Panelist
March 26, 2014, Expert Panelist


Apple Device Security in the Enterprise
IT Security & Compliance 2014
Executives Technology Club

February 27, 2014

Apple devices are probably lurking in your enterprise. Are you treating them like first class citizens, or ignoring them in hopes they’ll go away? Ben Greiner, president of Forget Computers, a managed service provider focused on the Apple platform since 1998, will share what his team sees surrounding the security of Mac and iOS devices in the enterprise. In addition, he’ll discuss tips on how best to bring these devices inline with the security goals of your organization.



The World of Apple IDs
MacTech Bootcamp II Chicago 2013
July 17, 2013, Speaker and Sessions Chair

Apple is continually changing the rules for Apple IDs, iTunes accounts, and more. In this session, we’ll cover a wide variety of Apple ID related topics including: the latest rules, how devices are treated, how to migrate to new hardware, how to deal with multiple IDs and iCloud, restrictions for merging Apple IDs and how to combine them, how iTunes Match works, how Mac App Store differs from iTunes, and the right way to work with deployment and imaging.


MacTech Insight: Managing Mobile Devices
International CES 2013, Las Vegas
January 10, 2013

Whether you run a small-to-medium-sized business or large organization there are a variety of considerations around managing the proliferation of mobile devices. Learn what to be concerned about, what options you have and how to put an MDM solution in place.



Mobile Device Management Overview
MacTech InDepth: Mobile Device Management
July 19, 2012


How to Make Remote Consulting Work for You
MacTech Boot Camp: Minneapolis 2012
September 5, 2012

You Cant Know Everything: Getting the Support You Need
MacTech Bootcamp Chicago 2011
August 31, 2011, Speaker and Sessions Chair



Quark XPress 6 vs InDesign CS
Apple Store, North Michigan Ave, "Works on a Mac" series
March 24, 2004 

Color Management for Designers, Photographers, and Prepress Professionals
Apple Store, North Michigan Ave, "Works on a Mac" series
November 4, 2003 



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How we built a native Mac OS app using the Zendesk REST API
Zendesk Developers Blog
October 05, 2015

Anyone who has spent time on the front lines of a Support Desk knows that technology itself is rarely the biggest hurdle in providing great customer service. Communicating effectively with clients is the real challenge.


Part 1: Build Your Security Awareness
i.Business Magazine
Issue #29, 2015

Why should any of us care about security? The simple answer is, you don’t want to be the easy target. If a hacker really wants to break into your system there’s a pretty good chance they will.


Part 2: Build Your Security Awareness
i.Business Magazine
Issue #27, 2015 (Yes, they printed Part 2 two months before printing Part 1.)

What to look for when protecting yourself and your data, including Phony Emails, Phony Phone Calls, Old Software, Weak Passwords, Social Media and more.


Best Practices for Creating Apple IDs
i.Business Magazine
August 15, 2012

An Apple ID is a user name used to shop the iTunes Store, log in to iCloud, buy from the Apple Online Store, and more. An Apple ID is also essential to managing apps on an iOS device. Managing your own Apple ID across a few devices is not very complicated, but how does an organization with several — maybe several thousand — iOS devices handle Apple IDs?


Six Steps to Better Mac & iOS Security
i.Business Magazine
November 15, 2012

Step 1: Become aware.
Step 2: Improve your use of passwords.
Step 3: Secure your email connection.
Step 4: Lock down your Mac.
Step 5: Secure your mobile devices.
Step 6: Protect your network.


Secure Corporate iOS Devices The Smart Way
i.Business Magazine
January 15, 2011

No matter how many iOS devices (iPads, iPhones or iPod Touches) a company owns there is only one way to install and update Apps on the device. In-house Apps aside, every App must be installed and patched using a free iTunes account. Apple does not offer shared corporate accounts. This raises the question, “How does a company deal with iTunes accounts across several devices?”


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