So your team can Forget Computers, 
and focus on your business.

Support Packages
for Apple devices, and those who use them.

Enroll  in one of our Support Packages to get a fully functioning support team that's extremely friendly, helpful and efficient too!

Got Macs?

Every Support Package is built specifically for people who use Apple Macs for business …

Support Desk – Our U.S. based support team is available to help your team solve problems quickly so you can operate more efficiently.

Guaranteed Response Time – Members get priority attention. When necessary, we’ll rearrange our schedule to solve your problem.

Daily Backup – Our Pro Support Plus and VIP packages include offsite, cloud backup. Plus, we monitor and maintain your backups to ensure your business data is safe.

Ongoing Maintenance – Software updates and preventive maintenance are taken care by our industry-leading ROBOT CLOUD tool so you can focus on tasks that drive your business forward.

Reduced Rates – Core Maintenance members benefit from a reduced hourly rate and flat-rate pricing for several common requests. Pro Support Plus and VIP members enjoy nearly unlimited Additional Work for extremely easy budgeting.

Peace of Mind – Relax. Breathe. Enjoy life.


iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs?

Inventory and secure all your iOS devices.

1. Be Aware
Get always up-to-date, detailed inventory information in Dashboard. Keep track of assets, installed applications, and track usage of your iOS investments. (See if users are actually using them or shoving them in a drawer.)

2. Get Secure
Enforce password protection, securely deploy WiFi access, silo company apps and data in a BYOD environment. Setup email quickly and easily. Reduce security risks and meet compliance requirements with our best of breed mobile device management solution for iOS.

3. Go Deploy
Create a company App store with Self Service, use Apple's VPP and DEP to your advantage. 


Company Policy – We help our clients establish a company policy for their mobile devices.

Self Service – We provide self service tools that empower end-users with the freedom to use the full potential of their devices.

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