iPhone Enterprise Management

IBM has proven that using Apple products for your business can save you money. However, simply investing in Apple and Mac products is not enough. To get those results and to reach the full efficiency of these products you need to utilize the proper tools and processes to manage your iPhone and other Apple devices. That’s where the iPhone and iOS experts at Forget Computers come in. Our team consists of Mac and Apple experts and enthusiasts and we have been helping companies manage their products for 19 years. We understand how important iPhone Enterprise management is in regards to keeping your company data secure and to ensure your devices are reaching their full potential.

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Experienced iPhone Enterprise Management

iPhone Enterprise Management

With iPhone Enterprise Management, we start with the essentials: organization and security. First, we determine how many iPhone and other Apple and Mac devices are connected to your corporate data. We then implement more secure administrative access to these devices to prevent any mass changes being made by someone who shouldn’t have admin privileges. We then set your iPhones and other devices up with alerts. This helps prevent small issues from turning into critical ones by letting you know something is wrong before it snowballs into something much larger.

Next, we encrypt your data. This is particularly important for those employees who use their personal phones and have access to corporate data. We make this process automated using FIleVault for full disk encryption.

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