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Empower your Mac, iPhone and iPad users with the freedom to Forget Computers so they can get things done!




As Apple device usage continues to grow in your enterprise, we can provide your in-house IT team — located anywhere in the world — with intelligent inventory management, alerting, security, and compliance tools built especially for your Mac and iOS devices.


SMB Teams

Are you a Chicago based business with Apple devices? We can help your team operate more effectively. Leverage one of our Pro Support Packages to ensure your Apple technology runs smoothly, as we focus on your end-users to deliver a fantastic customer experience. 


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I am Forget Computer's biggest fan! They have solved problems for me on many occasions when other's said there were no solutions possible. 


What a Godsend!


I feel like I have a team of technicians working around the clock, keeping my work station humming like a race car. 

I can't say enough about Forget Computers! … Great support from some very good people!


Forget Computers customer service and knowledge about Apple products, processes and interoperability are beyond compare.


I've been working with Forget Computers for over 15 years. I'd be lost without them.