Sometimes it's difficult to know where to start when requesting support and it may not be a convenient time to call, but you want to get the request started. This form is a good place to start.

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Often it's more beneficial to tell us about your end-goal — what you're working toward — rather than to describe what you've been doing. For example, don't say you need to print if what you really need to do is sign a document.
Think about describing what you're doing leading up to the problem. It's OK to let us know, "It's the same problem I reported last time — see existing or previous ticket." Is it a video, audio or phone issue?
It's good for us to know if you've already tried a few things. Although we may need to re-try a few things as we troubleshoot.
These questions will help us narrow down solutions more quickly to save you time.
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Change is the number one cause of technical issues. It could be a change in hardware, software, network or workflow. Seemingly unrelated changes can often be the cause of problems and sharing anything you know can help us troubleshoot faster.
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