Because compliance laws and security threats
don't discriminate between platforms.

Organize & Secure Your Apple Devices

Start with the essentials.

Inventory – Do you know how many Mac and iOS devices are connected to corporate data?

Alerts – Leverage powerful automation and reporting tools to resolve problems on your Apple devices before they become critical.

Smarter Administrative Access - Over 90% of the corporate Macs we encounter in the enterprise workspace run 24/7 with Admin privileges, despite the added security of Standard accounts.

Disk Encryption – Are your mobile users walking around with corporate data on unencrypted Macs? Automate the process of activating FileVault for full disk encryption.

Group Policies – Our automation tool for Macs is equivalent to running Active Directory Group Policies on Windows devices, except our tool works really well on Macs. 

Peace of Mind – Relax. Breathe. Enjoy life.


In-House Creative Mac Users?

Or simply a minority of Macs in your environment?

In-house creative professionals, design teams and marketing communication departments frequently are a challenge to support. Internal IT is regularly burdened with servicing the needs of their Windows users and they lack the time, experience and expertise to resolve issues efficiently in the Apple ecosystem. We can help.

Creatives typically have a complicated workflow that involves highly specialized web, print and video software. Plus, they use thousands of fonts and demand a lot of storage! These are challenges the Forget Computers team faces everyday.

Let us help you operate more efficiently by providing direct, end-user support for your creative team.  Your IT team can also leverage our industry leading Mac management tool to deliver a better support experience, including the option to escalate problems straight to our team.

Secure, Manage & Deploy All Your Apple Devices

Company Owned or BYOD

• Mac
• iPhone
• iPad
• Apple TV

Secure – We can help your organization with the advanced security features available for Mac and iOS devices enrolled in a Mobile Device Management (MDM) system.

Manage – Our Robot Cloud MDM system makes it easy to manage and secure corporate data, as well as App Store and in-house enterprise apps.

Deploy – Our tools integrate with Apple's Device Enrollment Program (DEP) and Volume Purchasing Program (VPP) to streamline deployment of devices and apps.

Provide your end-users the freedom and flexibility to use their Apple devices, while maximizing security for your organization.