Please drop all preconceptions about technology service providers. We are different! We're focused on Apple technology and have been since 1998. We are pioneers (since 2007) in using automation to manage and secure Apple devices.

Our mission is to transform IT delivery worldwide, using the most intelligent tools, clear communication, compelling thought leadership and a positively fun attitude!

Our vision is to elevate the power of teams using Apple technology.



Ben Greiner /  since 1998
President and Founder

Stalking, err … following in the footsteps of Apple's Angela Ahrendts, Ben grew up in Indiana and graduated from Ball State University. Ben created Forget Computers in 1998 (then known as Digital Logic) after being placed on hold with mediocre tech support one too many times. Ben is passionate about customer service, automation, and providing a balanced approach to the personal needs of the customer, alongside the security needs of the organization.



Kris Youngsteadt / since 2000  
Apple Support Specialist

Kris (aka, The Wizard) has been working with Macs since the 80’s! He’s a former graphic designer with a strong background in pre-press production. His extensive knowledge of professional design applications, fonts (he is a font wizard), printers, scanners and monitors allows him to solve the unique problems of design offices quickly and efficiently. Kris is also a color management expert and has participated in several of the annual GATF Color Management Conference over the years.

Mike Shanholtz / since 2007  
Apple Support Specialist

Mike has been using Apple computers since the early 80’s, starting with an Apple IIc (before the Macintosh)! He started his career in pre-press as a production artist and has experience in everything from typesetting and film output to web production. He’s been a Mac support specialist for various design studios and spent 2 years as a Mac Genius at a local Apple store. Mike also has a private pilot’s license and truly loves helping people — especially with their Macs!

Janelle Peterson / since 2011  
Office Administrator

Janelle is a relative newcomer to the Mac platform (her first being a 2008 iMac), and she's currently a minority amongst us because she's the only one with any clothing style. Janelle joined Forget Computers to help with bookkeeping and administrative functions, but we later learned her ulterior motive was to learn new things about her home iMac and iPhone.


Christopher Shay / since 2011  
Technical Support Manager

Christopher Shay (not to be confused with "Kris") is another one of our former Mac Geniuses. He's a reliable and seasoned Macintosh Support Professional with experience going back to Mac OS 8.6. He has supported Apple products through the iPod boom, the Intel transition, and the iOS revolutions. He is passionate about delivering Forget Computers clients with excellent customer service, while providing solutions and support for the full range of Apple hardware and software.

Ross Matsuda / since 2014
Apple Support Specialist

Ross has been supporting Macs in Chicago since 2007, returning to the platform after spending years evangelically using Windows systems. He performed freelance IT in and around Chicago before joining the Apple Retail team in 2008. The Apple user-space has been a perfect fit for his time spent as a pianist, vocalist, theatrical director, designer, developer and small business owner. Like any artist, Ross learned to respect his tools, and servicing and supporting them for others was a natural fit.

Jason Broccardo / since 2017  
Senior Systems Administrator

In 1998, faced with the option of having to start using Windows 95 or continue using a Mac without company IT support, Jason started learning how to support Macs. Since that time, he has worked as a technician, a systems administrator and as an engineer. Specializing in assisting creative environments, Jason has supported users at a video production company, a media publisher, a national physics laboratory, a design firm and an advertising agency. Aside from that one week in Las Vegas, he has never worked for Apple.


Olin Langley / since 2017  
Apple Support Specialist

Olin started using Apple computers in the late 90’s for recording audio and engineering using OS 9 Classic and OS X. After becoming accustomed to creating and troubleshooting on a Mac, he worked at Apple’s flagship Chicago store as a Genius for 9 years and become certified in OS X, Mac OS, iOS, Apple Hardware, Logic Pro X. He became the "go-to guy" for challenging Genius Bar appointments. His strongest skill is taking difficult, complicated and sometimes stressful situations, and making them simple and easy for anyone to understand.

Michelle Charles / since 2017  
Client Success Specialist

Michelle joined as our first employee focused on helping us understand our clients and how we can offer even better customer service. Although she is a newcomer to the Mac platform, her extensive experience in IT project management, quality assurance and customer service has been a welcome addition to our team. When Michelle's happy voice isn't answering our support desk calls she can be found reading, traveling and aspiring (without the help of her family) to becoming a minimalist.

Corey Jakubowicz / since 2018  
Apple Support Specialist

Description coming soon!


Eric Braun / since 2018  
Systems Administrator

Eric's interest in technology began when he desperately wanted to record his band using a computer. Wrestling with cheap hardware and a DIY-attitude helped set the foundation for a career in technology. Eric is yet another Ex-Genius to join our team from Apple. In addition to Apple, he has worked in IT for a large retailer and a Chicago tech startup. Eric loves Apple's philosophy of enabling people to do more, without technical learning curves and unnecessary barriers. When not working Eric loves reading horror, writing electronic music, and tinkering with Raspberry Pis.

Paul Vargas / ~2007  
Apple Support Specialist

Paul is our go-to expert when we need to quickly expand our support coverage for special projects and growth. He’s a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), experienced with Windows OS, and never backs down from a challenge.

Chad Calease / since 2018  
Principal Security Architect

Knowing the age of online commerce and education was coming, Chad’s mom convinced his dad to buy an Apple II one Christmas. Chad is grateful to his parents for being excellent choosers of presents and for helping him build his technical fluency early. More than that, he’s grateful for the gift of vision they gave him that helps him anticipate the needs of our clients today and tomorrow.

Developers & Robots

Josh Billions / since 2011
App Developer 

In preparation for joining our team Josh spent the last eight years learning all he could about computer hardware, software, and networking technologies on Macintosh and Unix-based platforms. Josh is very adept at conveying complex technical information to clients and is an exceptional programmer. Similar to C-3PO, he knows many languages, including Java, AppleScript, and Objective-C. He also has training in data visualization.

Rob Cloud / since 2007  
Automation Robot

Rob (full name, Robot) has worked for Forget Computers all his life! (He was so cute when he was just a little framework.) We didn't name him until late 2011 (how rude). He does everything we ask and does it perfectly. Seriously, we've never seen him make a mistake. He works a tireless, 24/7 shift, 365 days a year (366 on leap years) with no complaints. Don't tell Uncle Sam, but he also doesn't pay taxes and refuses all company benefits. Rob is amazing. Learn more about Rob here.


Matt Brictson / since 2011  
Web Developer

Matt is a San Francisco-based developer with a product-focused, disciplined approach. Matt has worked as a consultant for many clients over the years. In that time, he has designed UIs, managed scope and deliverables for large IT projects, mentored small teams with agile practices, advised bootstrapped startups, and built a number of successful Ruby on Rails applications — including our very own Robot Cloud  Dashboard