24/7 Robot in The Cloud

Built to secure and organize
all your Apple devices.

Robot Cloud automates the inventory, alerting and distribution of software on the Mac. Plus, it's a fully functioning Mobile Device Management (MDM) server for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV devices. Learn more >


The perfect solution for organizations
with 1 to 100 Apple devices.




Devices automatically report to Robot Cloud so you always have detailed specs of the devices you have and need to protect. How many devices do you have?



Device Scout

Robot Cloud leverages Device Scout to deliver 24/7 access to device data. Device Scout is an excellent tool for administrators, Tier-1 support staff and even IT experts. 



Leverage the power of advanced automation and analytics to get alerted to problem areas before they become critical. There's no other way to obtain this info.


Support Menu

SupportMenu sits in the menu bar of OS X to deliver more direct communication with end-users. It integrates Device Scout, Zendesk and more!



Actions are a way to consistently and accurately execute instructions, restrictions, installations and more across multiple devices. Why wait, when you can automate?


Task Templates

Extend automation of common Mac and iOS device task to the human element of IT with Task Templates built — and used everyday — by the Forget Computers team.


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