Manage your Apple devices in style with Dashboard!

Keep track of all your Apple devices using a stunning web interface that works great on the iPad and on your Mac. (Yes, you can use a PC too.)

Make better decisions, faster with accurate and up-to-date data.
Free your office of outdated, inaccurate Excel spreadsheets.





Dashboard helps address potential problems before users notice them. It monitors the condition of your Apple devices and highlights problem areas with easy-to-understand, color-coded health reports. Identify critical problems that need immediate attention by filtering devices by symptom and severity.



Looking to get the big picture? Dashboard lets you browse Apple devices all at once, or per team, department or client. Even if you are managing thousands of devices, Device Scout makes it easy to find what you’re looking for with a fast, powerful search feature.



Are users backing up as they should? Dashboard integrates with CrashPlan so you can see which Macs are backed up, when they are backed up, and what CrashPlan servers are being utilized. Don’t use Crashplan? Dashboard keeps track of Time Machine backups too. Dashboard is the best way to track multiple Time Machine backups.



Do you work in a large company or school with thousands of devices? Dashboard can subdivide devices based on the structure of your organization. Administrators, managers and staff will all get their own dashboards tailored to their departments.



Tired of spending too much time searching for devices? Searching in Dashboard is extremely fast and reliable — especially compared to searching in a JSS. Start typing a person or computer name, username, serial number, JSS ID, MAC address, or IP address to jump directly to that device. Plus, every device detail page includes a direct link to the device in your JSS.





Up to 250
Mac or iOS devices



Up to 500
Mac or iOS devices



Up to 1,000
Mac or iOS devices


  • DEVICE LIST - Dashboard identifies critical problems that need your immediate attention by filtering devices by symptom and severity.
  • BROWSE BY DEPARTMENT - Use groupings to view the big picture by looking at your company as a whole, or per team or department.
  • DEVICE OVERVIEW - Quickly determine the health of a particular device by looking at an easy-to-understand, color-coded overview.
  • DEVICE DETAILS - Dive into the details to see what applications are installed, hard drive usage, and even the exact RAM configuration.
  • USER MANAGEMENT - Grant access with user accounts. Each user’s dashboard will include only the data they are allowed to see.
  • SEARCH - Search your devices by user name, computer name, serial number and more. Results appear instantly as you type.

Requirements  - Dashboard monitors the health and inventory of Apple devices in your company by extending the capabilities of your existing JAMF Software Server (JSS).

You’ll need your own JSS to use Dashboard. If you’re not currently administering a JSS, please consider subscribing to  Robot Cloud, a hosted service that includes a JSS, DashboardSupportMenu and more!